Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your data by providing a secure website and best practice policies on Data Protection. We do not share your data with anyone else.

What Information Do We Collect:

We collect information on the following information:

Google Analytics Cookies:

We use Google Analytics to review our website, and this lets us see information such as the number of visitors how long they stay on and what pages they have viewed. Google Analytics does not provide any personally identifiable information about you. To run Google Analytics, we use a cookie, which is a small piece of software that loads in your browser, which will log your site visit and the pages visited. Google Analytics will store your IP Address and also records the pages you visit on our website and other information that is not personally identifiable to you. For more information on google analytics

Inquiries & Feedback:

When you make a query or feedback using the forms on this website, then we store this information for a while so that we can effectively deal with the inquiry or feedback request. When we have dealt with the inquiry or feedback, we will then delete the personal details, e.g. name, email address, telephone no, etc.

As a fail-safe, we have also built in an automatic deletion system that will automatically delete your details after 12 months unless you have ticked the opt-in box so that you can keep up to date with news and promotions.

My Right to Be Forgotten

If you choose, you to have the right to have personal information about you deleted from our systems. You can do this by emailing us at, and we will remove your details from our systems.


Data Encryption

The website and the data are stored in a secure data center. All reasonable efforts have been made to maintain a high level of security. We take your data protection very seriously, and therefore, the data stored on our website is encrypted, making this close to impossible to use in the event of a data breach.


How is our data stored?

The website and pilot data are stored in a secure local data center. We take your data protection very seriously, and therefore, the data stored on our website is encrypted, making this close to impossible to use in the improbable event of a data breach. Office data is stored on an encrypted block-level storage device that can only be accessed from PCs within the office of MDP. All cloud access has been disabled internally, and all PCs are password protected with employee guidelines requiring them to be locked when unattended. No data is sold or given to 3rd party companies without pre-approval of MPD members. The only information provided to customers will be the pilot name/company name along with their quote. That information can also be opted out if you would like to quote to customers anonymously. We are also in line with all current GDPR guidelines, and you do have the right to be forgotten by contacting us, failing that all personal and unused information is automatically deleted after 12 months.