Everything else...

Of course, we can show the most common and standard industry uses for drones. But it doesn't end there when it comes to unmanned operation. A lot of the pilots within the UK have done some weird and wonderful jobs. Some of the requests are, let's say ''not so common'' and it's great to see business coming up with ideas like these! 

When it comes down to hiring pilots, let your imagination run wild! Of course, there are limitations on what pilots can do, but it always worth the inquiry. Below we have attached some examples of this:


''One of the more challenging jobs I've flown, 1kg spook swinging in the wind like a pendulum 10m below the hexacopter, and I had to fly so that the spook passed close to the actors and Halloween props while avoiding buildings, overhead wires, and trees.''

Source: Gerald Mc Given, See Higher.


''Purposefully flying into hundreds of seagulls looking for nesting sites for my local council...and finding them!!''

Source: Simon Freebairn, Firefly Aerial Imaging.